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Nov 23, 2012 1:00pm EST
he'd flown here from india and his wait at that point was over two hours. listen. what are you buying? >> i'm buying a dslr camera. >> you came from india to buy this? is. >> yes. yes, i did. >> really? because they have a thing called the internet. >> this is not the experience i was expecting. >> reporter: well, it all worked out. i snapped this photo maybe about a half-hour later as he gave a thumb's up getting close finally to the cash register. by 5:30 a.m., guys, the lines were much more flowing smoothly, much more back to normal. back to you. >> you are definitely getting punchy. >> the punchy jane wells. >> go easy on that young man. he seemed like a very nice young man. >> i know. poor brandon. his poor mother. >> just go and have another starbucks number 100. thank you, jane. >> half caf. >>> protests by workers at walmarts across the country are not overshadowing what walmart says is shaping up to be a very good start to the holiday shopping season for the world's largest retailer. hampton pearson is at a walmart in maryland with more. from what we were talking about last t
Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm EST
's going to be happening with tax rates. look at places like india right now. just take a case in point, food manufacturing business. if you want to start a manufacturing business in india right now, take your capital over there. five years interest free rate loans. take that over here and what's going on is pure rhetoric being spun out by the current administration. right now, i don't think speaker boehner helped the case. the market was starting to rebound a bit. he opened the door to further tax increases, and we saw the market finish near the lows. >> you make a good point. initially, when boehner was talking, the market wasn't moving. after he did speak, we did head toward the lows again. the low, as bob corrected me earlier, was actually 369. it's not at the lows where we ended. it definitely worsened after boehner spoke. go ahead, doug. >> i think it's going to take a significant tax increase to offset the differences between relative valuation between bonds and stocks. i don't think the president has any kind of -- has any idea of that kind of increase in mind. so the differenti
Nov 29, 2012 4:00pm EST
you're allocating capital. there are some reports you're going to be buying a hotel chain from india's biggest real estate company. is that right? >> we're buying a hotel chain here in the united states from pimco. >> l & r property. >> that's different. that's from five different owners. >> what are you buying? >> the spread between yields on property and interest rates today, given how aggressive lenders are at the moment is the widest maybe in my lifetime. you can earn very attractive interest rate -- or cash on cash returns in property in the united states right now. it's probably safest, i think, around the world, the u.s. is the safest place to invest still. europe is -- we're active there. we have some stuff under contract. europe's growth is a lotless likely than the united states is going for. we have this rabid consumer. he's a little off today. his home equity is going up. he's spending money. in europe, europe hasn't fixed itself. there could be significant demand destruction like office demand, rents could drop. shoppers will panic if the the euro falls apart. so we're b
Nov 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
,000 stores toward the end of the '13 calendar year in china. a week ago at this time, i was in mumbai, india, where we opened our first of three stores. so we're in a situation right now where, you know, again, i don't want to overstate anything given the backdrop of the economy, but the company is firing on all cylinders. we're very optimistic about the holiday season. as i said, we're beginning to see many of the things that we put in place in the u.s. business in 2008 during our own transformation beginning to take hold in western europe. it's going to be a long-term effort, but we're seeing the siti signs that give us cautious optimism. >> what about that european business and the just announced $40 million profit in 2011? but also, people are talking about a $60 million loss reported to tax authorities in the u.k., germany, and france. some are saying investors are being told one thing and the company is reporting something else. can you clarify this for us, howard? >> sure, i can. first off, i said from the very beginning when this thing was raised that starbucks and i and our cfo woul
Nov 5, 2012 4:00pm EST
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5